Second Annual Report

The 2017 Positive Impact Report

Building on the work done in 2017, Tuik Ruch Lew/Helping the Earth (TRL) is happy to present the 2017 Positive Impact Report.​ 2017 was an important year for the organization as we continue developing both the ONIL stove project and the TRL as a whole. The result was our stove team installing 206 more units in 2017! We are incredibly proud of the diligent work that has been put in.

One unexpected benefit this year was how quickly the organizations reputation has grown. Capitalizing on this our stove team was able to visit countless stoves, and provide either routine maintenance or repairs. Having adopted all 1,700 stoves from our former organization we have pledged to a cost-free maintenance model (as long as families cover the price of parts). Due to this 20% of TRL visits were to perform routine maintenance, thus ensuring their optimal performance for years to come. As always we welcome you to view or download our detailed report. On to 2018!

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