Looking to offset emissions from your travel?

TRL can help you calculate a suggested donation amount to offset the carbon emissions of your flight. By donating to the Improved Cookstove Project, we ensure every cent of your contribution goes directly towards offsetting emissions by conserving firewood thus reducing deforestation and eliminating most CO2 emissions. Simply follow the steps below to make your contribution.

Step 1:

Calculate the emissions generated by your flight using an external calculator.

Step 2:

Return to this page and enter amount of emissions generated below.

Step 3:

Determine recommended donation amount in US Dollars. See examples below.

Step 4:

If you would like to donate this amount, please fill out the form below.

TRL's Cost of saving a tonne of CO2:

7.87 $ / tonne

We recommend using Terrapass's individual carbon footprint calculator.

1.) Select "Individual Calculator" > "Air Travel" > "By specific flight"

2.) Input flight information, entering each leg if your trip includes layovers

3.) Record emissions generated in lbs CO2e


Round Trip Flight from JFK to GUA = $9.53

Round Trip Flight from LHR to GUA = $25.11

Round Trip Flight from IAH to GUA = $5.11

 *Values are calculated using TRL Data and the CDM Methodology: Energy efficiency measures in thermal applications of non-renewable biomass.

 *This submission is only a commitment. To make your donation, please complete the physical payment on Greater Good's website. Greater Good is our partner donation mechanism.

**We are in the process of applying for validation from Verra's Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). This donation program is temporary until we officially enter the carbon offset market.

Curious how an Improved Cookstove Mitigates Carbon Emissions?

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