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Giving Tuesday: Carbon Credits for Sale!

Hello friends of Tui'k Ruch'Lew

A few weeks have passed since government, business, and civil leaders met to discuss the future of our planet at COP26. But few signs of enthusiasm are left in the media. We remain far from reaching the 1.5 degree target. Glimmers of hope -- yes! Real progress -- no!

The Glasgow Climate Pact did acknowledge the magnitude of the climate crisis we face, and it reinforces the sense of urgency by changing the target from 2°C to 1.5°C as the only target that gives humanity a reasonable chance. Nevertheless, the Glasgow Climate Pact has failed to:

  1. provide the climate funds necessary to help developing nations cope with the impacts of the climate crisis; and

  2. provide compensation for losses and damages that poorer countries have already suffered and will continue to suffer, while richer countries only want to make changes that can maintain their lifestyles.

Both issues are more urgent than ever. But how do we manage to find solutions when integrity and good faith seem to be in such short supply? We at Tui'k Ruch'Lew believe each and every one of us can do our part.

Join Us to Take Climate Action Now!

Environmental organizations, socially minded corporations, and individuals must join together to take climate action. It’s now up to the People to voluntarily reduce and offset their carbon emissions.

Thought you couldn’t make a difference in the climate crisis? Now you can.

How, you might ask in frustration, can I make a difference? Afterall, I’m already using LEDs in my house; driving a Prius; and using energy-efficient appliances.

Did you know that the voluntary carbon market enables individual greenhouse gas emitters to offset unavoidable emissions by purchasing carbon credits. This polluter pays principle even makes cross-border project activities possible -- no matter where you live, you can offset your carbon footprint by supporting environmental projects in vulnerable countries, like Guatemala, where many local and indigenous communities are increasingly suffering serious environmental and climate degradation. Their native forests are being destroyed, their water resources polluted, their harvests decimated - their lives and livelihoods are increasingly threatened.

Tui'k Ruch'Lew is now certified by Verra to trade on the voluntary carbon market. We can sell carbon credits through our project activities (installation of energy-efficient cook stoves). Of course, this works best if the price of a carbon credit reflects the real cost of our project activity. With this in mind, we have priced each of our carbon credits to cover the cost of eliminating a ton of carbon dioxide. TRL’s subsidy of three-fourths of the cost of an energy-efficient cookstove and the cost of fielding our team to train the recipients about correct stove use are included. The families participating in our program feel empowered by their ability to reduce firewood usage -- they see the deforestation taking place on the mountainsides -- and are happy to help stop it and leave the trees standing to absorb CO2 in the air and produce oxygen. Learn more about the impact of our energy-efficient cookstove program in an earlier blog post.

In honor of Giving Tuesday, TRL is making 100 carbon credits available for sale to individuals who wish to take climate action now! At $52 each, these credits will help TRL to continue its program of reducing emissions and helping sustainable development. With the purchase of one or more of these credits, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOW.

Don’t know how much you can spend?

The average American’s annual carbon footprint is 15,241 metric tons. Purchasing 15 TRL carbon credits will balance your emissions for an entire year! If you feel you are not the average American and would like to calculate your own carbon footprint, you can do so here. And remember, you can also use our carbon credits to offset any long-distance travel.

Empower yourself and others by annually erasing your carbon footprint. And what better gift for the people on your holiday list this year than the knowledge that they have also balanced their carbon footprint!

Instead of celebrating Black Friday and Cyber Monday, You can become a Climate Activist by purchasing TRL’s carbon credits! Get in touch with me to find out how, or donate to our clean cookstove program through our partner Global Giving.

Best wishes,

Jessica and the Tui’k Ruch’Lew team

A big thanks to all our supporters from a family in Santiago Atitlan.

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