Tuik Ruch Lew Has a New Office!

Situated across from the town fire station, we are thrilled to be in a place of great visibility, where our Tzutujil neighbors can easily find us, to order stoves and purchase replacement parts. The entry space will double as a display and storage space for the ONIL stoves and the Utz Ja water filters which we also promote.

With our growing staff of mostly volunteers, we need a work space where all of us can convene and the larger room is equipped with a conference table and benches, where six people easily can easily set up their computers and work together. The two other small offices house administration and program development.

Acquiring an internet connection in our area was a challenge but after a two month search for the elegant solution, we now have a 10mbps system which is sufficient to serve all of the workers who bring their own laptops to work with them. A local carpenter teamed with a metal worker in Santiago Atitlan to build our simple desks, chairs, benches and the conference a price far lower and for much better quality than we could have ever acquired from any store. The interior and exterior of the building was painted by staff that rolled up their sleeves and worked over the weekends to get the space ready for our occupancy.

TRL's first staff meetingin their new office, June 28, 2019

We celebrated our first staff meeting in the completed conference room today, a major development for our organization after nearly a year without an office.

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