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We're in the news!

Tui'k Ruch' Lew / Helping the Earth has been certified by Verra for the GHG emission reductions and for contributing to the sustainable development goals for our project activities. Tuik Ruch Lew's projects are the installation of energy efficient cookstoves, the distribution of ware filters and LED lightbulbs as well as the provision of a micro savings program for Maya Tz'utujil families around Lake Atitlan. Today Tuik Ruch Lew is sharing an article that the verification body AENOR wrote about the impact our NGO is making. What do you think about out projects?


"AENOR has successfully completed the validation and first verification of the Tuik Ruch Lew project for the renovation of cookers in Lake Atitlán, in Guatemala. This is the first registered project in the energy sector worldwide that integrates the VERRA VCS and SD VISta programmes, which gives it a dual purpose: it contributes to meeting several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda and to mitigating climate change."

Our energy-efficient cookstove creates real climate action, helps increase community resilience and brings joy!!! Support us today and sign up for our newsletter.

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