WIN 2 nights/3 days at Cojol’Ya: Landmark on Lake Atitlan airbnb by Donating to TRL

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Dear Friend,

The end of 2018 is upon us and as always we have so much information to share with you! Thanks to your continued support TRL has been able to continue our various projects, affecting numerous families, community members, and our environment.. Today I am writing to ask you to consider donating to TRL to keep this work going; every little bit helps. We have a number of goals for 2019; install 240 ONIL high efficiency stoves, create dedicated funds for our most vulnerable clients, and our most ambitious project yet, bringing biogas technology to Lake Atitlan. This year, any donation over $100 US will automatically enter you into a raffle to win a 2 night/ 3 day stay at Cojol’Ya: Landmark on Lake Atitlan airbnb.

For just $168 you can purchase an entire ONIL high efficiency stove for one family. ONIL stoves are 70% more efficient in the use of wood and save the average family one commercial firewood tree per month or approximately 350Q ($47 US). Smaller donations will help us purchase and distribute replacement parts such as combustion chambers, bricks, sand, and other stove components. Interested donors can visits us online at

Thanking you for your interest in the work that we do,

Elijah Umek

Communications Director &

Assistant Program Developer

Tuik Ruch Lew/Helping the Earth

Guest house at Cojol'Ya

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