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Embracing the Future with TRL Stoves

Embracing the Future with TRL Stoves

Greetings to our supportive community,

At the vibrant Santiago Atitlán local market, our dynamic duo, Candelaria and Isabel, recently showcased the marvel of our TRL clean cook stoves. These are not just stoves; they symbolize a transformative movement that aims to benefit families, our community, and the picturesque Lake Atitlán. By cooking directly on these stoves in the bustling market, Candelaria and Isabel enabled the local community to see firsthand the efficiency and the many benefits of these cooking wonders. Their demonstration was not just about cooking; it was an invitation to join us on this exciting, community journey.

However, our recent interactions with the community revealed a painful fact. Despite at least 50 locals expressing keen interest in our stoves and some wanting to become beneficiaries, the harsh effects of inflation and another very dry growing season climate have left them with limited resources. These are the economic and environmental challenges that underline the importance of our movement.

Yet, our mission at TRL is more than merely to introduce families to a different cooking method. Our dedicated TRL Team ensures comprehensive support, but not just in how to use the stove. The Team also makes sure families understand they have joined a movement to help their community, improve their family’s health, and improve their economic well-being. Through a carefully designed educational program, we handhold families for the first year following stove installation, ensuring they transition with confidence and a feeling of empowerment.

Our beneficiaries know this is more than a stove. It's a rallying cry to embrace a healthier, sustainable way of living and to be a beacon of change. With every TRL stove, families step into a movement that prioritizes their well-being, the community's progress, and the conservation of Lake Atitlán.

As TRL continues to expand our outreach and foster more meaningful connections, we are hopeful that this spirited community will overcome its current economic and environmental challenges and envision a brighter, sustainable future. Your support, belief, and engagement are what drive this movement forward.

Thank you to everyone who's already a part of this journey and to those contemplating joining. Your involvement is invaluable. For more information, please visit our website.


Maria Teresa Puac V.

Communications Coordinator

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