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If you received our January 2023 GlobalGiving update, you know that Tu'ik Ruch' Lew (TRL) was able to report that all of this past year's stove recipients succeeded in adapting to their clean cook stove and its new technology. There is a good reason for this success. The TRL Team works hard to make sure that all recipients know how to use their stoves. We make sure they understand that they are not simply getting a new stove; they are Joining a Movement—a movement that will benefit their families, their local community, and beautiful Lake Atitlan.

TRL recipients don't struggle unaided as they adjust to this new cooking technology. At the heart of our success is the TRL Team, who has developed an educational program that helps families adapt to this new technology. Two TRL founding members, who also play key roles in the TRL education program, are Isa and Cameron.


is a committed and respected member of the Tz’utujil community in Santiago Atitlan. She is intimately familiar with many of the families who live here and the many challenges they face. Isa’s main responsibility as TRL Technical Adaptation Specialist is educational. She organizes orientations for interested recipients around the goals of the project and guides families through the installation process, explaining how to operate and cook with the stove. She remains available throughout the first year -- with five scheduled visits to monitor the process following installation and for questions and advice.

Cameron has lived practically his entire life in Santiago Atitlan. He speaks the local Maya language fluently and is intimately familiar with the conditions, culture, and needs of the community.

Cameron stands out among the Tz’utujil but due to his respect for the people, he is loved by those who know him. Cameron is responsible for stove installation; he works primarily with the men in the family to make sure they understand how the stove works and how to undertake periodic stove maintenance.

Word spreads fast about the value of our clean cookstoves, and we always have a waiting list. Because we are members of this community, we are available and families know they can depend upon us when they have questions about their stoves or need to ask for help with stove maintenance or repair. This is the reason for our success.

If you are interested in finding out more about us, about our process, and about TRL's future plans, please visit the TRL website and view the short video available on the landing page. And if you would like to join our movement too by making a donation, you can do that on the website as well. I can be reached via the following:

Candis E. Krummel

Co-founder & President, Board of Directors

Canton Xechivoy Santiago Atitlan

Sololá, Guatemala Centroamérica

+1 502 4888-1244 WhatsApp

Skype: candis43

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