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The Journey of a Stove: A Path from Thoughtful Giving to Thoughtful Living

With the approach of GIVING TUESDAY on NOVEMBER 28th, we're thrilled to launch our "Gifts that Keep Giving" campaign. This year, on this one day, all of your generous donations will be matched, doubling the reach of your kindness. As we prepare for this important date, we'll share a series of newsletters, starting with "The Journey of a Stove." Through these stories—and with your help—let's celebrate the spirit of giving that makes our work possible.


The Journey of a Stove: A Path from Thoughtful Giving to Thoughtful Living

As we approach the holiday season, our minds are naturally drawn to recollections of yesteryears—memories of shared moments, cherished traditions, and the excitement of giving and receiving. It's a time when the desire to offer the perfect gift seems to envelop us, whether it's the bicycle we longed for or the book that became an all-time favorite. We've all received gifts that, to this day, shine vividly in our memories, for they weren't just objects; they were life-changers. These are the gifts that leave an indelible mark, the ones that become constants in our lives. For our beneficiaries, these gifts include improved health, saved resources, and environmental preservation all thanks to the TRL energy-efficient stove program.

Today, we invite you to join us on an exciting journey—a journey marked by these very gifts.

The Heart of Our Journey: When Supporters Join the Movement

The journey starts with the invaluable generosity of our contributors, the lifeblood of our mission. The journey to improve the lives of a family in Santiago Atitlán begins in the exact moment one of you decides to join our movement. .

From Factory to Family: The Stove's Voyage

The story moves next to the southern slopes of the caldera, where, set against the backdrop of the sweeping lowlands,the factory becomes critical. Our dedicated team takes on the crucial role of ensuring that each stove makes its journey intact from this point to their intended family’s home.

A purposeful journey it is! A huge truck, carefully loaded, begins the adventure. Packed within its confines are the essentials: concrete, steel, fragile clay pottery, crushed pumice, and aluminum. The art of loading this truck is nothing short of masterful—a delicate balance that alternates between the heavy concrete stove bodies and the essential crushed pumice. Our vigilant team, led by Isa, meticulously inspects each part. Only the finest quality pieces earn the honor of becoming part of the stoves destined for our beneficiaries.

Candelaria and Isa in the truck ready to take the stoves to the TRL office.

The Homeward Path: Bringing Warmth and Well-being

From the factory, we transport the stoves to our storage space, where they await their turn to make a difference. Here, they lie in wait of the day when they will become integral to the lives of the families we serve.

The journey's final leg is equally significant. It's the families themselves who step forward with enthusiasm and hope.

They pick up the stoves and carry them to their homes, no matter the distance.

With great determination, the family members transport each piece, driven by the knowledge that the stove will soon provide them with warmth and comfort, offering more than just heat—it safeguards their health and the environment, creating lasting benefits.


We express our heartfelt gratitude to our supporters for making this journey possible. As we delve into this joyous season, we carry with us the knowledge that every contribution, no matter how small, leaves an indelible mark. Every gift—like the stoves we provide—becomes an emblem of our movement. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and please consider donating on Giving Tuesday, NOVEMBER 28TH!

Maria Teresa Puac V.

Communications Coordinator

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