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Newsletter - September 5, 2020

We are happy sharing good news in times of a global health pandemic

Dear Friends of Tui’k Ruch’Lew/Helping the Earth

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the future has never felt so uncertain. These are challenging times for us all, and we hope you’re in good spirits and health! Despite being in the same storm, we probably find ourselves in different boats. Right now, we are doing everything possible to provide services to our community. In times of prolonged uncertainty, it’s important to adapt quickly to the changing reality. Our community needs us today more than ever. And we need you. This global pandemic  poses  a grave  health threat to Indigenous peoples around the world.

Nevertheless, we are excited to share good news with you:

Successfully qualified to offer Verra's Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

We finished the process to issue Verra's Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) for our improved cookstove project. During the 7-year monitoring period, we estimated that our stove project reduced greenhouse emissions by about 13’000 tons of CO2(e). This equals about 52,000,000 km driven by an average passenger vehicle. The next step is to enter the carbon market to trade our carbon credits, which will pave our way to financial independence for the improved cookstove project.

We have been delivering food bags to our most needy clients

With the loss of their income source, our community has been hit hard by the pandemic. Thanks to generous people like you, the Tui’k Ruch’Lew team has been able to deliver 77 food bags to our most vulnerable clients. The smiles on the faces of our customers and the gratitude in their words warmed our hearts when distributing the food packages. For many of them, this was the first aid in the form of food received from associations or the government. We are committed to continue to support our community with food in the future.

Dr. Jessica Kind joins the Tui’k Ruch’Lew team

In August 2020, Dr. Jessica Kind joined the Tui’k Ruch’Lew team as its managing director. Jessica has extensive experience implementing water and sanitation projects in Guatemala. She holds a PhD in environmental science and brings more than 10 years of experience managing and leading environmental and climate initiatives in the nonprofit and private sectors. She also teaches environmental education at the local university and gives sustainability workshops to local schools. Working in an inter- and multicultural environment remains an essential element of her life.

Post-Covid strategy is already in planning

Jessica will apply all of her skills to develop, together with the team, a post-COVID strategy. Among our plans is to link our clean cookstove project with biogas digesters to manage wastewater. These kinds of projects will help the local community protect the environment even more from deforestation while creating sustainable job opportunities.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our Pila Fellow Ava Scott, without whose help the carbon verification process would have been impossible. We are very grateful for her many contributions this past year and for her continuing friendship. We are sad to let her go, but wish her all the best.

In times like this, we’re reminded of how interconnected we all are. Thank YOU for being part of our community. Without you, none of this work is possible.

Stay safe and well,

The Tui’k Ruch’Lew Team

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