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Your Gift Changes Lives

It's that time of year again when we begin thinking about the gifts we want to make

before the close of 2022. And as we approach Giving Tuesday, the Tui’k Ruch Lew (TRL) Team sincerely hopes that you think about the Tzutujil families who are still cooking over an open fire, still suffering from burns, and still struggling from the smoke in their eyes and lungs.

Please also remember the families you have helped this past year. Thanks to you, by the end of December,160 new families will be benefiting from the TRL- installed improved cook stoves. It is timely that this week, COP27 is hosting the world's leaders to continue progress on climate change. One of their immediate goals is considering ways to reduce CO2 emissions and save forest carbon sinks. TRL’s Improved Stove Project is doing exactly that—eliminating carbon emissions and saving forests. Imagine, by supporting our stove project, you are taking Direct Climate Action right now. The TRL Team is out in the community every day, visiting homes to install new stoves, maintain our legacy stoves, and provide our neighbors the information they need about the ways they are helping to protect the forests that affect our precious rainfall.

After nearly 15 years of work, we know that the stove we're making available is ideal for the Tzutujil culture. Its mobility, compact size, and cement sides, which eliminate burns yet radiate heat on chilly evenings, is the perfect hearth for the family to gather around. While helping preserve ancient traditions, the stove improves the respiratory health of the family AND the community.

The TRL project also promotes the empowerment of women—literally lifting them up from the floor to cook on a stove that can heat more than one pot at a time while also cooking tortillas. That’s a huge step up! The money saved on firewood by cooking on this efficient, clean stove enriches the family—an impact more important than ever these days, when each time a woman goes to market, she finds that prices of corn, eggs, and even the wild greens and tomatoes—always part of the local diet—are suddenly out of reach.

This year Global Giving is matching all donations proportionately from a fund of $1,200,000. By making a donation on November 29, your gift will be magnified, making an even bigger impact. Please remember us on November 29 and please remind your friends and family. We’ll be sending you a reminder and a link for donating.

Thank you for your support of TRL’s work,

Candis Krummel

President, Board of Directors

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